Summary of Brightview Services

Summary: Brightview Landscape Contract
The RCA contract is intended to spell out the scope of work to be performed by Brightview Landscaping to meet the specs created by Riverwood RCA task force and voted on by the RCA Board of Directors at their September 22, 2021 meeting.
Maintenance Scope Of Work includes:
A. Turf management: mowing, edging, blowing (contract pages 5-6)

Mowing will be done weekly from April 1 – November 15. Bi-weekly the remainder of the year. This will be carefully monitored in the wet months so as not to create ruts in the turf. Therefore, a week may be missed occasionally as weather impacts our area.
At each mowing the hard surfaces (sidewalks, driveway) will be edged. The grass clippings will be blown back into the lawn for a neat appearance. Grass clippings will not be blown into landscape beds whenever possible.
A buffer of uncut grass 2 feet wide by 8 inches tall will be maintained around lake edges, creating a filter zone from June -September.
B. Plant care: trees, palms, shrubs, ground cover (contract pages 6-7)

Emphasis is on healthy, well maintained, and attractive landscape appearance! More important than the number of cuts is proper cutting. Therefore, landscapers will do hard cuts and rejuvenation pruning when necessary. When this is done the plants will be allowed a regrowth period so may not be cut for the following rotation(s) to allow them to reshape.
There are 10 rotations in the yearly schedule, and each rotation will have some shrub trimming, pruning and palms under 15 ft will have cleanup of dead fronds
Contractor will not remove dead plants or trees without the owners’ written permission, and large shrubs/trees will have a cost to the owner.
This contract does not include arborist work of deciduous or canopy trees over 2” branches. Sidewalks and green space will have an 8’ clearance, driveways 11’, and roadways 14’.

Palms over 15’ will be trimmed twice a year between 9-3 and 10-2 cut. Refer to section B. for further details on Palm tree trimming.
When plants grow beyond their proper footprint owners need to contract for reduction services or removal at a separate cost.
C. Landscape Health (contract pages 7-8)

Contractor will monitor for diseases, pests, and turf issues. Power X is the fertilizer/pest disease sub-contractor used by Brightview so you can expect to see them out regularly to perform their duties. See contract for details!

Weed Control will be performed in all paved surfaces, and in plant beds (including palm seedlings) by hand pulling of large weeds/vines and chemical spraying. During the wet season weeds can grow very rapidly and every effort will be made to keep appearance of plant beds up to a “weed free” standard.
D. Mulch (contract page 8)
Pine straw is applied 2 x per year (as close to March & November as possible) in most neighborhoods. Neighborhoods may elect to use alternative natural mulch types at an additional cost, and then mulch will be applied 1 x each year in November.
E. Irrigation (contract pages 8-11)
Your irrigation system belongs to you, the resident, and as a contracted service Brightview performs a “wet check” of your system each month. The reports are sent to RCA office for monitoring. If a covered component is found to be damaged Brightview will replace that pipe, riser, or head at no cost. If the issue is in the electrical part of the system, (valve or controller) then the resident will be advised and they may elect to contract for the repair with Brightview, or have another provider do the repair asap. Responsibility belongs with the homeowner to keep the system in good repair so the turf and plants/trees do not suffer in the dry or hot seasons. (see page 10-11 for more details specifically for you as a resident).