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Welcome to the Riverwood Croquet Club (RCC). The sport of croquet has a long history in Riverwood. The croquet court was designed and built during the activity center campus's initial development. The club has been active in Riverwood for many years and is currently about 50 members strong. Riverwood has one full-size regulation court, often configured into two half courts.

The RCC provides a variety of croquet activities throughout the week, focusing on the busy November through April season. Activities are centered around two croquet games: American 6 Wicket Croquet (Click HERE for Rules) and Golf Croquet (Click HERE for Rules). Activities include regular gameplay, Riverwood club tournaments, tournaments with other clubs and croquet lessons. Club members also enjoy many game and social activities, including Golf croquet and social nights, Twilight croquet and social nights and an Awards event.

Croquet is a sport played in many different countries around the world. It is an intriguing game of skill and strategy that appeals to men and women of all ages and is not physically demanding.

The RCC plays by national American 6 Wicket and Golf croquet rules established by the United States Croquet Association. Club members also wear the traditional “Whites” clothing associated with the sport and follow the game's good sportsmanship etiquette. Soft-soled shoes are mandatory for members and visitors to protect the short grass playing surface.

One of our number 1 rules, have fun and enjoy the game!