Riverwood Landscaping

Landscaping in Riverwood
I.  If your home is in one of the 14 neighborhoods listed below, the RCA has contracted for landscape services for your neighborhood with Brightview Landscaping. This cost is included in the neighborhood fee portion of your HOA quarterly fees.
Baileys Pond Fishers Landing River Run
Channel Ridge Lakeshore Village Royal Oaks
Clipper Cove Logan's Pointe Stonebridge
Driftwood Pointe Osprey Landing Westport Ridge
Estuary Redfin Shores  
Briefly, these services include:
  • Lawn mowing once a week April 1 – November 15 and every other week for all other dates.
  • Hard edging of all sidewalks, curbs and other paved surfaces; soft edging to define bed edges, as needed.
  • Pruning and trimming of shrubs, palms and ornamental trees as needed to maintain a healthy and attractive landscape appearance.
  • Fertilization of turf, trees, shrubs and palms.
  • Turf and plant disease control as needed.
  • Weed control in paved surfaces and in plant beds.
  • Mulch application once or twice a year, depending on your neighborhood contract.
  • Irrigation maintenance to include monthly wet checks and replacement as needed of Brightview covered items.
For details and explanations of all the above services see the Brightview contract or summary of services here.
To contact Brightview for service requests, please set up your account on Brightview HOA-Connect, a web-based customer service request system. Follow the instructions for Brightview HOA-Connect Account here.
II.  If your home is in one of the 5 below neighborhoods, you are in a self-maintained neighborhood.
Bay Ridge, Eagle Trace, Fairway Lakes, Riverside, Silver Lakes 
As a home owner you are responsible for maintaining your turf and landscaping in a healthy and attractive manner. Your realtor, the previous owner or your neighbors can assist you with finding a landscape maintenance company.
III.  If your new home is in an incorporated neighborhood, i.e. condos or villas, it is the responsibility of your neighborhood management company to contract landscape maintenance services for the neighborhood.
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