Neighborhoods of Riverwood
There are 29 neighborhoods within Riverwood, consisting of single-family homes, villas, and condos with varying homeowner conveniences such as lawn care, exterior maintenance, etc. Each neighborhood has a supplemental document that is part of the governing documents. These supplements are available on the left side of the screen. The neighborhoods in Riverwood are either incorporated or unincorporated in addition to this, and some neighborhoods are considered maintained or self-maintained
  • Incorporated Neighborhood – a neighborhood consisting of Villas or Condominiums/Carriage Houses with its’ own set of governing documents. Incorporated neighborhoods are governed by its’ own Board of Directors elected by the neighborhood owners. In addition, Incorporated Neighborhoods continue to fall under the umbrella of the RCA master association and employ a Management Company to oversee external maintenance and landscaping within the neighborhood. There are ten (10) Incorporated Neighborhoods in Riverwood.  
  • Unincorporated Neighborhood - a neighborhood consisting of single-family homes and the homeowner is responsible for external maintenance and landscaping. There are nineteen (19) unincorporated neighborhoods in Riverwood.            
  • Maintained Neighborhood – of the Unincorporated Neighborhoods, there are fourteen (14) Maintained neighborhoods where the residents pay the RCA to provide landscaping service.
  • Self-Maintained Neighborhood – of the Unincorporated Neighborhoods, there are five (5) Self-Maintained neighborhoods where the homeowner hires his/her own contractor to maintain the landscaping of the property.