Title Name Phone # Email
Community Manager Frank Anastasi 941-764-6663 riverwoodmanager@comcast.net
Assistant Manager Christine Bergum 941-764-6663 riverwoodassistant@comcast.net
Field Manager William Veater 941-764-6663 riverwoodfieldmanager@gmail.com
Activities Coordinator Lori Shearer 941-764-6663 activities-coordinator@comcast.net
Communications Coordinator Amber Brown 941-764-6663 riverwoodnewsletters@gmail.com
Administrative Assistant Lisa McGann 941-764-6663 riverwoodadmins@comcast.net
Receptionist   941-764-6663 riverwoodreceptionist@gmail.com
Operations Manager Rick Terpstra 941-764-6663 n/a
Tennis Director Fred Schubert 941-764-6663 riverwoodtennis@comcast.net
Accounting Myers, Brettholtz & Co., PA 800-749-8270 n/a
Title Name Phone # Email
RCDD Project Manager Johm Mercer 941-979-8720 jmercer@riverwoodcdd.org
Head of Security Ron Lesinski 941-764-6822 riverwoodsec@gmail.com
Safety and Access Control   941-764-6822 riverwoodsec@comcast.net